Welcome to the new home
of your brand
we provide for you a fun and
suitable space
Make use of our top notch
meeting rooms
Constant Power Supply

There is 24 hours Power Supply to help you stay connected with your electrical and electronic devices to complete your tasks effectively..

High Speed Internet

Free access to our high speed wireless Internet at no extra cost. Stay Connected Always.


Bond with others over a game on Play- station 3, From Assasin’s Creed to Soc- cer…you certainly would find your break from work...

We are here for you.

GCL HUB is a member based Coworking location with a variety of work environments to suit just about any working methods. We have full complement of office amenities and provide a flexible alternative to working in a home office or expensive long-term office rental. We have an atmosphere that is professional where you can work and can have as much or as little interaction with fellow members as you wish.

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Address Forwarding

We provide virtual offices for our clients to act as forwarding address for our customers.

Equipped Kitchen

An equipped kitchen that provides meals from business breakfasts to full working buffet and so on.

The Lounge

There are places you can relax and ease your work stress to ensure you work even more efficiently and within timelines.

We give you a platform to learn.

GCL Hub allows you to improve upon your competencies by exposing you to the ideas and processes of other members. This is achieved through our various training programs, meetups and conferences.

Power of a quiet workspace.

Do you enjoy a productive space with no noise and more results? we are here for you. We create an environment that works well to extract your most efficient state by minimizing distractions and letting you focus on the task at hand.

Training never stops.

There is always something new to grasp. This is our ultimate philosophy as we expose you to multiple inhouse and external learning platforms for your improvement.

Amazing environment, great members, a truly nice place to be for the cultivation of creativity.

- Nduka Ude

The standout quality of this hub is its people, they make you feel at ease, and help you learn and grow. I love and enjoy it.

- Israel Abiodun