Dedicated Suites

The Hub has free vacant rooms for rent that will be at your discretion no matter your career. Renting our rooms will optimize your work.

A dedicated room that is located within our hub allows nomad workers to work quietly in a space specifically designed for them and by their own hands depending on taste. The adapted ergonomics comfort and cleanliness for the room plays an important role in job satisfaction.

No matter your career the dedicated rooms are available for you to be productive. Come by and check our spaces.

  • Large Room Spaces
  • Customized to fit one’s needs.
  • 24 hrs high speed internet access
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Free 4hr access to the Conference Room per month
  • Private Office: ₦75,000 Monthly
  • Private Office: ₦210,000 Quarterly
  • Private Office: ₦800,000 Yearly


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