GCL HUB Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

GCL HUB Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Introduction: As business processes becomes complex and more data-driven the volume of data generated across various digital platforms increases exponentially. Data Analytics presents a viable solution to addressing the challenges of the current dynamic business environment as well as help organizations improve performance and increase the ROI. GCL Hub Data Analytics Academy provides a range of Data Analytics training to help organizations gain meaningful insight to their data. The training sessions are delivered in a comfortable superb ambiance training rooms in our facility.
GCL Hub Data Analytics programs offer:
  • 60% Lectures + 40% project work, Exercises, and Demos
  • 6 -Hours of weekly training. 3 hours per day, 2 days in a week
  • 5 weeks of hands-on, in-person training
  • 2-hour online mentorship/support.
  • Hands-on projects.

Overview of Training

This training is designed to give you a hands-on experience on extracting, cleaning, storing, visualization, analysing and presenting useful insights from data.
Who should take this Course?
This course is designed for beginners who are seeking formal training or a refresher course in foundational skills for data analytics. What you Will Learn:
You will learn:
  • Python programming language for data analysis.
  • How to build a Web scrapper for pulling data from the web using Python.
  • How to clean and transform unstructured data into a structured format.
  • How to model, manipulate and Analyse data using Python & Microsoft Power BI.
  • How to visualize data using Microsoft Power BI.
  • How to Build & deploy complex & highly interactive Dashboards.
  • How to interpret and present the insights of a data Analytics projects to top level management – Business Intelligence.
  • Use charts to understand data and communicate results.
  • Identify real-world applications for exploratory data analysis

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