Girls and Tech

Girls and Tech

At GCL Hub, we are also passionate about empowering young adults; especially girls in Nigeria, with the knowledge and expertise to become product designers and software developers in the not-too-distant future. All women and girls deserve the opportunity to take part in the technology that is transforming our world.

While recent years saw important progress, today there are still 25% fewer women and girls online than men and boys. In sub-Saharan Africa, this gap is over 40%. The need to tackle the digital gender gaps is especially urgent because technology is such a powerful tool to empower women to address other persistent inequalities.

Our mission is to equip one thousand young girls with the expertise to become leaders and trainers in product design and software development in the next ten years. The objective is for these leaders and trainers to continue to train more girls in their communities across Nigeria.

This shall be done under a special outreach program called GnT (Girls ‘n’ Tech).

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